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My cat is currently licking my computer screen and creating strange multicolored rainbows of light.  People have told me they are avoiding the Brave review until they have seen it, which I can totally understand.  I figured I would post another review, but this time of a pretty different genre.

The comic book is part of a collection of stories called DooR. The first of these stories, called Toilet Genie is available both online and in print issues. It starts with a dog who is rejected by her owner and finds help in a pretty unlikely place. I feel like it fits with the blog because it does have fairy tale & myth elements with a gritty modern twist to it. I didn’t really start getting into the comic until they go into the second issue with the beautifully illustrated creation myth. The ancient legend and the modern world are interlaced with each other in a way I find intriguing. I can’t comment on the whole thing yet, as it is a work in progress, but I am looking forward to seeing the story as it unfolds.