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Did you know it is possible to marinate your hands in cookie dough if you spend long enough trying to mix things? I discovered this today. I wouldn’t recommend it. My mixer broke in the middle of making ginger snaps, and that’s when it became an adventure to try and get everything mixed. Somewhere in the process I managed to get powdered ginger up my right nostril. I wouldn’t recommend that either.

I attended the annual Kingdom of Loathing convention this weekend, or at least parts of it. I accidently managed to be triplebooked for the weekend, though my boss kept trying to quadruplebook me despite my protests. I didn’t end up making it to as many KoLCON events as I would have liked. I think every year I go through this process of figuring I will just go to an event or two thinking that it would be awkward since I won’t know anyone there, then every year I get bombarded by the massive amount of nerdy punificent flirty awesomeness of the con, meet new people, and wished I had planned to spend more time there. So I am making a vow that I will attend the con, every single major event (at least the ones that don’t conflict) next year, with a bit more planning ahead than I have done on other years. I will also bring limes. Lots of limes. I am thinking of making a card game called Kingdom of Limes.