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In one of our less brilliant plans, my partner and I were leaving our drive homeimmediately after leaving last night. On paper, the park closed at 8pm, a six hour drive would put us in at 2 am, no problem. In reality we were in line when the park closed, stopped at a gift shop on the way out, walked back to where our car was parked, and were ready to leave a bit after 10 pm. This still would not have been a problem if it were the drive to start a trip, but not after a three day endurance run of open-to-close Disney parks. We were taking turns napping enough to get us through the drive.

When I was napping, I started talking in my sleep, and my partner responded. I woke up aware that the exchange took place and aware of the dreams, but couldn’t remember quite what was said. My husband remembered quite well, though.

The first time, I told him that frosting would taste terrible on hot dogs. He agreed.

The second time, I informed him that we really should have checked to make sure we had ground beef before we started making the tacos. He asked me not to cook tacos in the car anymore. Maybe it is a very good thing that we were no longer in the place where dreams come true.