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I checked out the webcomic today. It deals with creation myths and deities walking among men. I almost gave up on it early on to be honest. The format of the comic seems to be geared towards paper rather than the web in one long fullpage panel, so I have to scroll down to see the whole image and it is hard to keep all the parts on the screen that seem relevant at the same time. I tried shrinking it down so that I wouldn’t have to scroll, but there’s limits to how much I can do it without making the text unreadable.

Still, it has grown on me as I read through it. The storytelling seems to have a pretty leisurely pace and includes oral storytelling. The pacing is part of why I found it harder to get into at the beginning because it does involve going through quite a few pages before finding out enough of the story to get interested in it, but after reading far enough to see the story unfolding, I think it is worthwhile. It also includes quite a few girlpower themes that I find appealing. And the God of Fire is adorable in a way that I have never seen anyone do with a god of fire before. How is that for giving some reasons to read without being totally spoilerific?