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A friend of mine was playing Scribblenauts Unlimited, and decided he would try to solve all the problems in the games by summoning beavers. Although there were a few puzzles that required non-beaver solutions, he was able to a surprising number of quests in the game completed simply by summoning a beaver, and adding a few adjectives appropriate to the task. The Logger who wanted something to help him chop wood was rather simple: He gave the logger a beaver, and the logger started cutting down the trees. A priest wanted something to chase the demon away, so he gave the priest a “holy beaver,” a hungry dinosaur was given a “tasty beaver” and the fireman put out his fire with a “water beaver”. My friend just summed a translucent beaver made of water, and the day was saved… Some of the puzzles required some vocabulary skills and some trial-and-error to solve this way. One quest to exterminate a bee infestation was solved by him summoning an “insectivorous beaver.”

There were a few quests that were immune to his beaver summoning magic, however. A grandmother wanted her house painted, and many different attempts to solve this with beavers simply failed. Still, I have learned more respect for the mystical art of beavermancy. I remember back in the day when I scoffed at the idea of a wizard who’s dark arts allowed him to summon boxes in the game Trine. In the very beginning of the game, this wizard was told that his skills were needed in the quest to save the world. Turns out that in the right circumstances, the ability to summon boxes is very handy, even when it isn’t moving day.

On a lark, I decided to search the internet to see if there were others who practiced the art of beavermancy. It turns out, up until this posting, the only place that even mentions “beavermancer” on the internet is aaroncity’s page documenting a trip to Canada. Searching for “Beavermancy” just gets some websites with white pages listings for someone with the name “Beaver, Mancy.” It seems that art of Beavermancy remains one of a magician’s most supremely guarded secrets.