I was on a trip this past week and had the opportunity to speak with Lola Karns, the author of Winter Fairy. Her book doesn’t exactly meet the “myth meets modern” kind of theme I’ve been trying to go with on this website, but I found it enjoyable nonetheless. I loved the ways that the young child in the book tried to establish interaction with the fairies, even though there was no direct appearance of fairies in the book. I also felt the way Lola handled the additional challenges involved in a widower entering the dating scene was consistent with the experiences that one of my widower friends has had: both with the adjustments he had to make, and the additional fears and insecurities involved for potential partners who knew that he still loved his wife and would still have been with her if she hadn’t passed on. The plot was pretty standard for a romance novel, but the execution was rich with detail and made for an interesting read.

Anyways, Lola and I also discussed blogs and book reviewing, and one thing she mentioned was that Goodreads regularly has contests for receiving prerelease books. Winning such contests is more likely if it is from a favorite genre of books that someone reads and reviews. I would love to post some more prerelease reviews for you, so I entered more books on Goodreads. I must say I’ve been amused to see that Goodreads felt my selection of books was more eclectic than I realized. I tend to think of myself as a lover of science fiction, fantasy, mythology, children’s books, and crossovers thereof. So far, Goodreads says that I like Biographies, Classics, Contemporary, Crime, Fantasy, Fiction, History, Historical Fiction, Horror, Memoir, Mystery, Nonfiction, Paranormal, Philosophy, Psychology, Religion, Romance, Science, Science Fiction, Spirituality, Suspense, Thriller, and Young Adult. Come to think of it, it would be shorter to list the genres it thinks that I don’t like.