I’ve joined a new writer’s group, and we will be submitting writing every other week. We’ve just had our second critique session, and I like how the group is going.

I have to admit, though, I was bad. I started this blog in part to help me stay focused on the Tuatha de Rising writing project, but I decided to send a different non-YA writing project to the group that is closer to completion. I am still debating things like how much I should say on the blog about other writing projects. I would hate for someone to read one of my YA books and say “That’s great, I’m going to read this author’s other books” and then have them find this project, which has more of a gritty, dystopic setting and some themes that I consider not-age-appropriate for YA audiences.

After a computer algorhythm discovered J.K. Rowling’s new publication under a pseudonym, however, I’ve found myself debating about how much it is possible to keep my “adult” vs “children’s” writings separated by little more than a pseudonym and separate blogs. I figure people aren’t likely to subject writings to that level of scrutiny unless I strike an extraordinary amount of commercial success with Tuatha de Rising.

For reasons of my “day job”, there are reasons I would want to distance myself from certain of my writings via pseudonym for fear of them being scrutinized by potential employers. Tuatha de Rising is something I would feel comfortable connecting with my real name.

I am curious about your thoughts on writers maintaining multiple pseudonyms, and the logistics of keeping such alternate identities separate. How many of you publish (or plan to) under pseudonyms vs. your real name? How do you maintain your pseudonyms, especially if you have multiple pseudonyms for writing?