My dad and I were talking, and he told me that he had done an internet search on me. Specifically, he was hoping to find out more about the name Fiscassia, which I use as my handle on quite a few internet systems. He told me that he was amazed that the name “Fiscassia” only came up with one hit on dogpile. It was a blog that referred to a short story called “How Fiscassia got her name.”

I was pretty surprised at that one. There was no question that it referred to the short story I wrote that is the reason behind why originally started using Fiscassia as my handle. There have been people I have shared the story with over the years, but all I could think of was that the reference was in some long-forgotten blog written by one of my friends from my high school gaming group.

So it turns out that he sent me this link to my namesake… and it is the link to this blog. This conversation happened coincidentally the same day that my writer’s group had been discussing getting short stories published as a way to build an author’s “street cred” in order to increase the likelyhood that an agent would read and respond to novel query letters. It has me thinking that I ought to share the story about “How Fiscassia got her name” with a wider audience. In the meantime, I should at least be able to assure that there will be two hits the next time my dad searches for my handle.