Welcome to my world. I am a young at-heart scientist with a creative mind (or maybe a creative person with a scientific mind), who is fascinated by dreams and stories.

I’ve been interested in fairy tales since I was a kid, but came to think about more deeply about the messages they teach and the messages I wished they would teach as an adult.  The obvious answer to this being to keep an eye out for wonderful new stories, and to write them as well. I currently have a few writing projects going on, including a young adult book about the Tuatha Dé in the modern world (thus the title of this blog), and  assisting with story on the upcoming comicbook <u>The GutterRat Guild</a>.

Besides my writing and creative projects, I also have helped others with editing their writing.  I’ve been acknowledged for my editing in <a href=”http://nikkimpill.com/blog/”>Nikki M. Pill’s</a> novel <u>Singing, And Then</a> and served as an editor for the Writer’s Circle of the Lansing Area chapter of the <a href=”http://www.parkinsonsmi.org/programs-support-groups/support-groups”>Michigan Parkinson Foundation</a>.

I’ve also kept a dream log for over a decade now, and people have been amazed by the level of detail in my dreams. I regularly share them with friends who enjoy them and have suggested that I publish them, so I figured I would post some of them here.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Copycat. When did you start a blog? It looks nice and I hope to read more soon.

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